Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville) – a small resort village on the Gulf of Thailand in Cambodia. The main attraction of this place – beautiful, clean beaches, some of which are in the top 40 best beaches in the world. Against the background of more than a thousand years of the history of the Khmer kingdom, the history of Sihanoukville has a little more than 50 years. Start of construction of the spa town in 1964, put the French, and the primary objective was – the basis of the first deep-water port in the new, independent Cambodia, which became such after the end of the Vietnam war and the withdrawal of US troops from the country. Sihanoukville is named in honor of King Sihanouk of Cambodia on behalf of, but the locals still prefer to call the city not only as Kampong Som (Kampong Som), – exactly as it was called the first settlers of Port-builders.

Sihanoukville – is the sea, the sun, beautiful hotels, boat trips, scuba diving, wind surfing, great food, and almost empty streets, which is not characteristic of modern Cambodia, where there is no public transport, and all move on their own cars and motorcycles. Perhaps that is why in Sihanoukville so easy to breathe, and dream. Almost all life in Sihanoukville is dedicated to servicing the tourists who come here from around the world in search of marine amusement and beach relaxation. In just a few decades, a quiet fishing village into a popular seaside resort.




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