Close attention to the coast of the Cambodian province of Kep representatives of the French nobility has been given since the beginning of the 19th century. In 1908, a small fishing village of Kep, located in 173 km south-east of Phnom Penh, has acquired the status of the fashionable resort. Some time later, in the town the first private villas were built, bars, hotels and restaurants; established infrastructure.

On the status of the municipal town of Kep is the administrative center of the homonymous province, located a few kilometers from the Cambodian border with Vietnam. During the colonial period Kep as a resort town popular with French and Cambodian elite aristocracy, but the tragic events of modern history have forced the region to survive the decline, which to this day remind old abandoned and dilapidated villas – remnants of past grandeur, absorbed by the jungle. However, now Kep is beautiful! Among the tourists it is not as popular as the other seaside resort city – Sihanoukville, but they are difficult to compare – Kep is a very small rural town, with its amazing soothing atmosphere. There is no any Night life in Kep. By 10-11 pm, all the restaurants and bars near the Crab market are closed and the city goes to sleep …

A nice feature of the city can also be called a long and beautiful Kep`s promenade wide enough for a provincial settlement asphalt road. Perhaps that is why the big, wide sidewalks main street of Kep also have to hiking and biking walks along the sea.

Kep City beach, 1 km long is located directly opposite the central bus station. If desired, for a small fee, you can swim on the tourist boat to Koh Tonsai or it is called Rabbit Island (Rabbit Island). The beaches on the island, of course, more beautiful, and the water is cleaner and bluer. 18 km from Kep (№33 on the road towards the Vietnamese border) there is a sandy beach – Angkaul Beach).


How to get to Kep?