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Phnom Penh – megapolis with traditions

Phnom Penh – megapolis with traditions

From the title «Phnom Penh» uninitiated person is difficult to understand the essence of the city, but those two words still evoke an image of something exotic and even secret. Phnom Penh – capital of Cambodia, and is one of the jewels of Southeast Asia. So far, only a few tourists have seen with my own eyes the saffron robes of the monks of the capital, gleaming spiers of the royal palace and the rich colors of the mighty Mekong River. Modern Phnom Penh is changing at high speed, unable to resist the efforts of the new investor, which forever changed the classic lines of the horizon of the Cambodian capital. Phnom Penh can be called the crossroads of past and present Asia, the city economic and social contrasts, glamor elite luxury and chaos hopeless poverty.

Phnom Penh Once considered the most beautiful village in the French colonies of Asia, but most remarkable places have been destroyed as a result of numerous wars. Today Phnom Penh is a modern metropolis, in which next to the ancient Buddhist pagodas and the magnificent royal palaces peacefully coexist brand-new skyscrapers.

The first mention of Phnom Penh refers to 1372, when the site of the modern city there was a small village, which according to legend was founded by a nun Penh. By the way, translated from Khmer city “Phnom Penh” translates as “Hill (Mother) Stump.”

At present, Phnom Penh is not only the political center of Cambodia, but also a major industrial city. Due to its favorable geographical location (at the intersection of three major rivers) in Phnom Penh has been developed as a major river port of the country. In addition, there is excellent developed metalworking, woodworking, food and textile industries.

It is worth noting that in terms of leisure tourism Phnom Penh is of little interest. In the little town of remarkable places for foreigners, there is no beach holiday, and the nightlife capital of the Kingdom is very scarce. Most tourists come to this city for only a few days on the way to Siem Reap or the famous beach resort – Sianukvil.No, despite this, the number of tourists visiting Phnom Penh has been steadily increasing every year. In the Cambodian capital come connoisseurs of unique Asian culture, as well as numerous Buddhist pilgrims.

In Phnom Penh is easy to succumb to the strong, suddenly surging feelings, which can also be quickly misfire many motorcyclists in picturesque alleys of Riverside. From tents heap market traders hear the sharp scents of spices; in the air aromas of incessant activity, activity and aspirations Cambodians improve the quality of their lives in the daily hard work – alone combined parts of a whole, due to which the city seems so attractive and original. This is not just another metropolis, not a mediocre Asian ant-hill, but a real old Asia, which always dreamed of tourists when planning their first adventure abroad.

During the war and the revolution shine Phnom Penh and its status of a “Pearl of Asia” were spotted slozhivshveysya instability and partially lost. Today, however, all the ills of the city remained only in history, but Phnom Penh has successfully risen from the ashes to take its prominent place among the best capitals of the region. Immerse yourself in the secret events of the past, walking through the exposition of the National Museum; try exotic products from the local markets; try on new clothes in the boutiques of the capital! Top Khmer cuisine await you in the design of Phnom Penh restaurants. If you close the simplicity, refer to the food from roadside makashnits and traditional family restaurants – this is the easiest way to try the culinary traditions of Cambodia taste. Regardless of the nature of your personal preference, Phnom Penh offers anything, and even more.

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