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Falafel from Hummus House restaurant

Falafel from Hummus House restaurant

Chef of “Hummus House” (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) presents you a recipe of traditional Arabic dish “Falafel” – a deep-fried patties of minced beans or chickpeas with spices. Falafel – one of the most popular food in the Arab countries and Israel, which was first prepared according to ancient legends, in Egypt, in order to replace the meat in Lent. Falafel is traditionally served with sesame sauce – tahini (tehina) and eaten with thin lavash (pita). The dish is especially popular among vegetarians.

Cooking time: 15 minutes
Ingredients (2 servings):
– Chick Peas – 1 cup
– Fresh parsley – 200 gr.
– Onions – 50 gr.
– Coriander – 50 gr.
– Garlic – 50 gr.
– Cumin – 1 tbsp.
– Salt – 1 tsp or to taste
White pepper 1 tsp

Cooking method:

1) Soak the chickpeas for 12 hours in the water. Periodically change water to keep the peas do not ferment. After soaking chickpeas is expected to grow in size and become softer, and the peel should be easily separated.

2) Skip soaked chickpeas through a meat grinder with a fine sieve at least 3 times to the state of the nut butter. You can use a food processor with a S-shaped knife. Separately, finely chopped onions and fresh herbs, grind the spices and add to the weight of the chick-pea.

3) Stir well until smooth and form small balls, about the size of a walnut. Fry the balls in a deep fryer or in a frying pan with a lot of vegetable oil until golden crisp.

4) After removal from the deep-frying, dip each ball in a saucer with sesame seeds. Serve with tahini (sesame sauce based paste with lime juice, salt and garlic) and beetroot (beetroot cut into long thin slices and lightly sauté).

Hummus House_Chef Mike Abbouchi

Mike Abbouchi
Chef «Hummus House»

I – Mike Abbouchi!
Welcome to the world of the authentic levanese cuisine!
The decision to open a restaurant in Phnom Penh came to me after many years of education and training with famous chefs. My first culinary experience I received as a child. I participated in the preparation of many traditional Lebanese dishes, helping my mother, who was preparing food for the soldiers during the war. Then came the time of the student. Completion of a technical college coincided with the beginning of my training as a sous-chef in Lebanon. Then thirst for new experiences led me in Dubai for the position of chef in the Arab restaurant Le Liban, where I got a special invitation. The main languages for communication in my home country are considered to be French and Arabic, so it was easy to change jobs and move to the Emirates.
7 years ago, my mood changed, and in 2008 I moved to Cambodia. The first 5 years of life in the country, I worked as a chef for hire, and only the last 2 years doing my own restaurant – Hummus House. I also play professional poker and billiards. Regularly present Phnom Penh and Cambodia in international competitions in billiards in countries such as Vietnam, Jakarta, Thailand, the Philippines and others.
Returning to the kitchen, I think Russian and Lebanese cuisine is very similar – the same set of ingredients and spices, so Lebanese dishes for any Russian person – not exotic, they will seem something very familiar and commonplace. From Lebanese dishes I really like dish called Batata Harra – spicy potatoes with vegetables. From the Russian – borscht with sour cream and garlic, as well as dolma in cabbage leaf, that is stuffed.
The Hummus House restaurant we focus only on Halal products, which implies compliance with all of our dishes Muslim traditions.

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