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10 interesting facts about rice

10 interesting facts about rice


1. People eat rice more than 5000 years. The first known instance of the use of rice for human consumption was recorded in 2800 BC in China.

2. Rice was found inside the masonry walls of medieval China, where he was apparently added to enhance the strength and stability of structures.

3. More than half of all able-bodied people of Thailand, engaged in physical labor, grow rice on the many rice fields.

4. Since rice is traditionally considered to be a symbol of fertility and life, it is often throw at weddings, newlyweds to ensure a long, happy and rich life.

5. One person consumes about 200 kg of rice per year In Cambodia.

6. Humanity is known about 40 000 different varieties of rice growing on all continents except Antarctica.

7. The indigenous people of India consider Figure symbol of prosperity, and it is associated with the goddess of wealth laksa.

8. Taiwanese sculptor carved the image of the newly elected leader Xi Jinping on grains of rice, cobbled together in a dense and homogeneous mass.

9. Using rice food is not limited to a sphere. Rice in Cambodia used to produce fuel, industrial starch, and the needs of the textile industry.

10. It is strange, but often, it is fed with rice Khmer pets, especially dogs and cats.

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